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Sit Stay Roll Over (Official Music Video)

Fellas, we are glad to present our brand new single - Sit Stay Roll Over!!!! We rely on you! Share with friends, feel free to comment and spread the video the way you like. Jinjer to all \m/ and be ready for really heavy and extreme stuff

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The World is a Heavy Place: 20 International Metal Bands You Should Know

The world is, literally, a heavy place. According to NASA, the mass of the Earth has been measured at 5.97219 × 1024 kg. In another sense, the world has gotten heavier as the popularity of heavy metal has spread to every inhabited continent. If you’ve ever bought into the stereotype of metal as a form based exclusively in American and British sensibilities, the worldwide metal community now boasts a plethora of artists who will challenge those preconceptions. The following list includes bands from far and wide, all of whom bring a fresh perspective to the genre.

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About us

The band, called JINJER, was founded in 2009 by 5 guys from a provincial town of Gorlovka 40 km far from Donetsk, Ukraine.

Once at the very beginning of their way in their hometown somebody said behind their backs : Won't go further than local gigs! Only pathos and crabs! Today JINJER are one of the best metal bands in Ukraine with wide popularity both in the motherland, all around Europe, and even overseas.

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